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Leather glossary

Kinds of leather

We design and develop sophisticated natural leathers with the highest level of excellence.

Alligator | Alligator, crocodile, and related types.

Bovine | Cow, ox, or closely related animal.

Buckskin | Deer and elk skins, having the outer grain removed.

Bull-hide | Hide from a male bovine, capable of reproduction.

Cabretta | A hair-type sheepskin; specifically those from Brazil.

Calfskin | Skin from a young bovine, male or female.

Capeskin | Skin from a sheep raised in South America.

Carpincho | A water rodent native to South America; like pigskin.

Cattle-hide | General term for hides before tanning from a bovine of any breed or sex, but usually mature; includes bull-hide, steer-hide, cowhide and sometimes kip-skins.

Cordovan | From a section of a hide called the shell.

Cowhide | Hide from a mature female bovine that has produced a calf.

Deerskin | Deer and elk skins having the grain intact.

Doeskin | From sheep or lambskins, usually with the grain removed.

Flesher | The underneath (flesh side) layer of a sheepskin which has been split off. Used to make chamois.

Goatskin | Skin from a mature goat.

Hair Sheep | Sheep from several species whose “wool” is hair-like.

Heifer | A female bovine, under three years of age, that has not produced a calf.

Hide | The whole pelt from large animals (cattle, horses, etc).

Horse-hide | Hide from a horse or colt.

Kangaroo | From the Australian kangaroo or wallaby.

Kidskin | Skin from a lamb, or young sheep.

Kip-skin | Skin from a bovine, male or female, intermediate in size between a calf and mature.

Lambskin | Skin from a lamb or young sheep.

Lizard | Any of a great number of the lizard family.

Mocha | Middle-East hair sheep, usually with the grain removed.

Ostrich | From the two-legged animal native to North Africa.

Peccary | From a wild boar native to Central and South America; like pigskin.

Pelt | Un-tanned hide or skin with the hair on.

Pigskin | Skin from pigs and hogs.

Rawhide | Un-tanned skins or hide.

Raw-stock | General term for hides or skins that a tanner has received in a preserved state.

Sharkskin | From certain of the shark species.

Shearling | Woolen sheep and lambskins, tanned with the wool intact.

Sheepskin | Skin from a mature sheep.

Skin | The pelt from small animals (calf, sheep, goat, etc).

Skiver | The thin grain layer split from a sheepskin.

Snake | Any of a number of the snake species.

Steer-hide | Hide from a mature male bovine, incapable of reproduction, having been raised for beef.

Walrus | Skin from a walrus; also, sometimes sealskin.

Water Buffalo | Flat horned buffalo, primarily from the tropics.

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